The Friends and Family test is an important opportunity for patients to provide feedback on the care and treatment they receive. 

The Friends and Family test is a simple way to identify both good and bad performance and encourage organisations to make improvements.

Introduced within the National Health Services within 2013, the test asks patients whether they would recommend health services to their friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment. This test enables patients to give feedback on the quality of the care they receive, giving service managers and employees a better understanding of the needs of their patients to enable improvements.

“Patients are always keen to feedback on the quality of care they have received, often complimenting particular staff members or putting forward suggestions of how facilities could be improved.” ‚Äč

DHU have been performing this test since January 2014 and yearly figure can found within our annual Quality Accounts.

The test also gives patients the opportunity to comment on our service, and we have taken an active approach to responding to these comments. 

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