Over the last 30 years our not-for-profit community interest company has striven to provide compassionate, high-quality care for our patients. We have grown from a Derbyshire-based out of hours GP function to provide round the clock healthcare for more than seven million people across key geographical areas.

We offer a range of service across the Midlands, providing services for around 15 million people a year. Working in collaboration with partners and colleagues across NHS systems, GP federations and other private provider companies, we offer innovative, integrated solutions that ensure all our patients and communities can access the right care, in the right place, at the right time.

As part of the NHS frontline, we lead urgent care within Emergency Departments, Urgent Treatment Centres, GP and Primary Care Surgeries and out in our communities. We offer a full range of both ‘in and out of hours’ clinical specialist services, provided by a diverse workforce made up of medical, nursing, allied health and support teams.

Our business offer includes community nursing, urgent treatment, primary care streaming, urgent on-day primary care, GP home visiting, phlebotomy, community hospital medical cover, telephone consultation support, weekend palliative care home visiting. We’ve supported the national COVID-19 incident response by operating testing and vaccination programmes, as well as delivering home oximetry monitoring for patients receiving out of hospital treatment for COVID-19.

We are equally at the heart of the national NHS111 first service – responding to calls from centres in Derby, Chesterfield, Leicester and most recently Oldbury. To support this provision across a large geographical area, DHU 111 employs: Health Advisers, Clinical Advisers, Pharmacists, Paramedics and Dental Nurses. We have an overall Care Quality Commission (CQC) rating of ‘OUTSTANDING’, reporting that ‘staff treated people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect’. In August 2021, after a data examination, the CQC determined that an inspection or rating review was not required at this stage. We are incredibly proud to offer our patients this exceptional accredited service.

As well as putting our patients first, we support a career development pathway for our people, developing a strategic approach to leadership, wellbeing, talent management and continuous education for both our clinical and non-clinical staff. Everyone has the opportunity to grow the skills, knowledge and experience that enables a high-quality patient-focused service.

As the government’s Health and Care Bill sets out to revive the NHS, this is an opportune time for DHU Healthcare to consolidate and thrive in equal measure. As a provider organisation in a newly joined-up health and social care system, we are developing our long-term strategy and welcome the challenges and opportunities this ‘new’ NHS offers DHU Healthcare. We are inspired and motivated to bring all aspects of our business together, for a new sense of clarity and purpose.

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