A Quality Account is a written report that we, as providers to the NHS, are required to publish annually.

The quality of our services is measured by looking at patient safety, the effectiveness of treatments patients receive, and patient feedback about the care provided.

All of our reports are available to the public and can be downloaded below:

Quality Accounts

Title Date Posted Size
DHU-Quality-Account-2015-2016 26/04/2022 3.44 MB
DHU-Quality-Account-2014-2015 26/04/2022 22.67 MB
DHU-Quality-Account-2016-2017 26/04/2022 28.16 MB
DHU-Quality-Account-2017-2018- 26/04/2022 34.65 MB
DHU-Quality-Account-2018-2019 26/04/2022 28.41 MB
DHU-Quality-Account-2019-2020 26/04/2022 4.32 MB
DHU-Quality-Account-2020-2021 26/04/2022 4.50 MB
DHU-Quality-Account-2021-2022 01/07/2022 15.35 MB
DHU Quality Account 2022-2023 30/06/2023 5.43 MB
DHU-Quality-Account-2023-2024 28/06/2024 9.52 MB

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