We were thrilled to announce our Finalists for the highly anticipated return of the DHU CARE Awards for 2023!

It was time to celebrate our incredible teams by recognising their outstanding achievements!

The DHU CARE Awards 2023 celebrated excellence in healthcare, honoring compassionate teams, and exceptional individuals whose achievements aligned with our values and strategy as a community interest company. These awards showcased our commitment to providing outstanding patient care and integrated solutions to the community.

Over the last 30 years, our not-for-profit community interest company had grown into a leading healthcare provider, offering compassionate, high-quality care to people across the country.

The 2022-2023 period saw some remarkable achievements, from introducing new services and technologies to maintaining exceptional patient care through challenging times.

We invited everyone to join us in celebrating the remarkable achievements of our DHU teams at the CARE Awards Ceremony held on the evening of Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Click on the video below to see our list of wonderful finalists, each one living our CARE Values and see our 2023 Champions here.

  • The Compassionate Patient Care Award - Sponsored by NICE
    This award recognises a team consistently demonstrating exceptional compassion and empathy towards their patients. It celebrates people who go above and beyond to provide not only outstanding medical advice or care but also emotional support and comfort to those in need. Their compassionate approach creates a positive and healing experience for patients and their families.
  • The Valuing People Award - Sponsored by Hallam Medical
    This award recognises a team that makes a significant impact by demonstrating a culture where staff engagement, improvement and other people’s career development matters. This award celebrates a team of people who consistently encourage, uplift and empower others through their actions, words and positive influence.
  • The Innovation in Healthcare Award - Sponsored by Littlefish
    This award recognises a team of people who come together to make an outstanding contribution to DHU services by creating, adopting and implementing innovative ideas, technologies, solutions or processes. It celebrates those whose projects, plans and transformations demonstrate creativity, forward-thinking and a commitment to improving patient outcomes, ways of working or a different approach to service delivery.
  • The Improvement through Collaboration Award - Sponsored by Ummanu
    This award recognises a team who actively set out to engage with peers and partners to achieve defined shared goals. It celebrates those who come together with others either within DHU, across integrated care systems or further afield. It’s about forging a spirit of co-operation that successfully delivers the best possible healthcare or treatment for patients, developing new services or ways of working, improved health, and wellbeing or preventing further ill health.
  • The Outstanding Citizenship Award
    This award recognises a team or individual for demonstrating exceptional social responsibility either within or outside our company – setting an inspiring example for others to follow. It celebrates those who actively contributed to bettering their communities, embodying the values of social responsibility, including charitable endeavours, support of good causes, environmental action, volunteering and civic engagement.
  • The We CARE for You Awards (separate awards for 111, urgent care and support services)
    These three awards credit our amazing DHU services and the incredible work they do every day.  One team from our 111, urgent and primary care and support services will be recognised for the outstanding contributions they have made to our company. 
  • The INSPIRE Leadership Award
    This award, to be presented by the Chief Executive, shines the spotlight on DHU people who embody exceptional leadership qualities and make a significant impact on the organisation.  They may be the person you work alongside, or your line manager or a leader – what’s important is how they use their words, actions and deeds in support of others.

    The INSPIRE leadership award – linked to the aims of our INSPIRE leadership development and coaching culture programme* – recognises and celebrates an individual nominated by their colleagues, team or peers for the way in which they have role modelled, championed and encouraged others to make a difference to DHU.
  • The VISIONARY Team of the Year Award
  • The PEER Recognition Award



A numebr of our partners have joined us in recognising and honoring the exceptional achievements of healthcare teams and individuals. Our DHU CARE Awards 2023 is a celebration of everything that makes DHU a Compassionate, Accessible, Respectful and Encouraging organisation to work for and we would like to thank you sponsors for helping us to highlight that.

You can find details of our Sponsors for this year's CARE Awards here.