Publish date: 6 October 2023

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For our Meet the Team today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to Preeti Shokar, a Junior Business Intelligence Analyst within the Business Analytics Team.

Preeti has been an invaluable part of DHU for more than four years now. In her current role, she's had the privilege of diving deep into data and analytics for nearly three years. But before she joined, her path took some interesting turns.

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“My journey within DHU has been one of development. I started as a Support Officer, handling administrative tasks, and gradually ventured into the world of SQL (Structured Query Language). As a Business Intelligence Junior Analyst, I'm constantly improving my analytical skills, deepening my database knowledge, and strengthening my SQL capabilities. It's all part of my journey towards becoming a full-fledged analyst.

“In our day-to-day operations, the team operates seamlessly with a ticketing system. Colleagues send their requests our way, and we dive into the world of SQL and Power BI to craft insights. Ad hoc reports for various teams are a common task, and prioritising which ones to tackle first can be a challenge. But that's not all; we have our daily, weekly, and monthly 'business as usual' tasks, like reports for the Board and Directors of each division. These tasks come with strict deadlines, often requiring some detective work to ensure we meet them in the right way.

“We're not just confined to our corner of the organisation; we collaborate closely with NHS England to provide data for different contracts, facilitating cross-benchmarking efforts that links in well with partnership working.

“Our days are busy, but they're incredibly rewarding. The heart of it all is the team itself. We're united by the understanding that mistakes happen, and when they do, we rally together to fix them. We would do anything for each other and for the organisation. We value diversity in our approaches, recognising that as long as we reach the desired result, the path we take doesn't matter. Questions are encouraged, and help is always within reach.

“Outside of work, I wear another hat. I'm a passionate advocate for women's football. In fact, I'm on the verge of launching a Community Interest Company (CIC) called The Women's Football Academy. My mission is to inspire the next generation of South Asian women, showing them that they can achieve their dreams within the realm of football. I want to shatter barriers, create new role models and pave the way for aspiring athletes. I'm determined to ensure that young people face fewer obstacles in their sports journeys.

“In my journey at DHU and beyond, I've learned that success often hinges on teamwork, perseverance, and a passion that drives us forward, no matter where life takes us.”

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