Publish date: 11 June 2024

Nia Alston-Holmes .jpg

We are excited to introduce Nia Alston-Holmes (she/her), our new Wellbeing Coordinator at DHU Healthcare. With over 30 years of proven practical experience in a person-centred approach, Nia is a valuable addition to our team.

Nia is well-qualified in advice, guidance, counselling, and psychotherapy, and has worked with a diverse range of communities across various sectors, including local government, healthcare, education, entertainment, and hospitality. She has collaborated with large organisations such as Virgin Atlantic Airways, Energizer/Personna, and The Skills Funding Agency.

In her own words, Nia shares, "I’ve had the privilege of working in both operational and managerial roles, with people of all ages, from primary school children to those on end-of-life care. I spent seven years self-employed, offering career development consultancy, training, counselling, and teaching yoga."

Nia also has a background in visual and performance art. When the pandemic hit in 2020, she decided to integrate all her professional experience and became a Wellbeing Lead for a private Health & Social Care provider. "I built the wellbeing provision from scratch, working with individuals living with dementia and challenging mental health issues," Nia explains.

Bringing her wealth of experience and sense of humour to DHU, Nia said. “I am thrilled to shape the evolving landscape of wellbeing across the organisation. Wellbeing affects us all and I'm very happy to meet and chat with colleagues about their own experiences and needs. I'm here to dispel myths, provide information, guidance, and support, and to be a face behind the title.”

Nia, along with her colleague Aiden Woodhall, the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Coordinator, will maintain a visible presence at all our sites. They will regularly provide drop-in sessions under the 'Hear4U' initiative, giving individuals the opportunity to talk one-on-one about anything affecting their wellbeing in the workplace. "Together, we can support and retain our wonderful teams," Nia affirms.

We are excited to have Nia on board and look forward to the positive impact she will bring to DHU Healthcare.

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