Publish date: 23 May 2023

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You will have seen that, earlier in May, DHU Healthcare took on the contract to run the Urgent Care Service in Bassetlaw, part of an ongoing partnership with Nottinghamshire Healthcare.

We wrote a piece about what that means (you can read more about that by clicking here) but we thought we’d find out a bit more about our new colleagues, starting with Jean Tully who is a Healthcare Assistant (HCA) and Driver.

Jean has been part of the out of hours service there, based at Bassetlaw District General Hospital, since 2008 but her time working at the hospital dates further back.

Jean told us: “I’ve always worked in care, starting with Nottinghamshire Healthcare when I worked at a school for youngsters with special needs. I feel that I’ve always been a caring person so was drawn to this profession from the very start and I know I’ve made the right decision because I’m still here, still enjoying the role.

“As a Driver I collect and pick up medication for patients and work very closely with our Advanced Clinical Practitioners, driving them when they need to see patients in their own homes. I’ll make sure they have the right equipment and medication for their appointments by preparing the car to ensure they have more time to provide care for the patient and do what they do.

“It’s also an important part of my job to make sure the vehicles and cars and properly maintained; we can’t take to the road if an indicator isn’t working or a tyre needs replacing. Ensuring they’re properly roadworthy is vital to be able to get to the patient in the first place.

“As an HCA, again, I work very closely with our clinicians, supporting them when they see patients. We care for and treat a variety of patients, some of whom will have been referred by 111 with others referred through from the A&E, which is on site just to the left of where we work as you walk in. I also perform some of my HCA duties in people’s homes with clinicians, which works well with my role as a Driver.

“We’ve not been with DHU for long, just a few months since the contract changed in early May, but we’ve been working very closely for some time, both as part of Urgent and Emergency Care but also with the 111 team when patients are referred. It’s a new start in some respects but in terms of the work I do it’s not a big change, particularly as I generally work weekend nights or out of hours, filling in from time to time when needed.

“It’s a familiar thing for people to say but there is such a variety to the role, both in terms of the patients we see and the frequency. Some days or nights it can be hectic, treating patients with all manner of illnesses and injuries, whereas other times can be less so and an opportunity to catch a breath. It can be very intense, so you have to be prepared for that and appreciate the moments when you’re able to take stock and give yourself a few minutes to refocus.

“In terms of my future plans, I don’t really have any. I’m very happy doing what I’m doing, I’ve been performing this role for some time and see no reason for wanting to change. I suppose the time to reflect on that is when you’re no longer enjoying it. The people I work with are lovely and we keep each other’s feet on the ground, we’re a great team and I hope we can continue to work together for a good few years to come.”

Thank you Jean and we’re delighted to welcome you and everyone else at Bassetlaw Urgent Care Service to DHU Healthcare.

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