Publish date: 5 September 2023

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In this weeks 'Meet the Team,' we shine a spotlight on Irene Anagnostopoulou, a dedicated Business Intelligence Analyst within the Business Analytics team at DHU.

Over her three-year journey with the organisation, Irene has demonstrated her skills at transforming raw data into insightful narratives that steer the company towards informed decisions and a more data-driven future.

Irene told us: “My background, you could say, is in computer science and engineering. I used to work in a very different sector before making the leap to the healthcare, specifically the NHS. The move was a completely different experience, here we work to improve the wellbeing of others and everyone goes the extra mile knowing we are helping the community at the end of the day.

“What's unique at DHU is the philosophy of care. It's not just a job; it's part of your life. People put in extra effort, extra hours, because they care.

“What keeps me rooted here? Well, it's my team. They are simply amazing. And of course, my boss, who's been fantastic. Our approach to data analysis is something quite extraordinary. We're pushing for a more 21st-century approach to data in the company, which is a bit rare, especially in the health sector and public health. It's fascinating how we're coming up with innovative ideas that drive us forward.

“As an analyst, I get to play with data in ways that make it meaningful. I can extract all sorts of information, whether it's for people within our company or even people outside, like our NHS Commissioners. And then, I get to present it in a way that makes sense.

“I love building reports. You might have heard of our SSRS report site. Really innovate, especially for managers, but the influence ripples throughout the whole company. Everything from HR processes to finance, it all boils down to these reports. Decisions, improvements, they all stem from diving into data and spotting trends. Picture this: a complex issue gets sorted out in just seconds because of a clear graph. It's satisfying.

“So, why did I join this sector? It's a matter of everyday life. We're always analysing things—whether it's choosing what to wear or solving intricate problems. And you don't need to be a math whiz for that. In our team, we all have our strengths. We're not all coding geniuses or math wizards, but that's the beauty of it. Even veterans here learn new things because this field keeps evolving.

“My journey is about translating data into stories. Stories that help the company make informed decisions. It's like turning numbers into a language that everyone can understand. And in a place like DHU, where innovation and growth are nurtured, it's a journey that keeps on giving."

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