Publish date: 19 January 2023

Back in December three fourth year medical students were given the opportunity to find out more about DHU, as they joined our teams for a four-week special study module.

The students, who are all currently studying Medicine at the University of Nottingham, were given a unique perspective on the care that DHU provide and gained valuable training and experience while working alongside our experienced staff.

Catherine Oakley (Deputy Clinical Director), who was one of the clinicians supporting the students during their placements, said: “The medical students all gave extremely positive feedback and were impressed by the scope of what they learned over a short space of time. In particular they enjoyed the well-balanced mix of settings within the placement, which saw them visit corporate, NHS111 and Urgent and Emergency Care services.

DHU is focused on building a strong coaching culture, one in which ongoing learning and development is emphasised and valued. This includes providing support and guidance to medical students to help them improve their skills and knowledge, as well as fostering an environment of open communication and feedback. 

We hope that we can pass along the skills and support required to provide high-quality patient care and it was incredibly encouraging to hear compliments from the students about how everyone they met at DHU made them feel welcome during their visit."

Speaking afterwards, one of the students based at DHU, said: “As the module was based on Primary Care, I assumed that it would all take place in a GP setting, but the placements were far more varied and well-balanced over the four weeks. We ended up with a really good understanding of the different services DHU provide across NHS111 and Urgent and Emergency Care and we were all inspired by the professionals who taught us.”

It’s great example of how we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our patients and to preparing the next generation of medical students, with DHU leading the way in learning and development.

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