Publish date: 13 May 2022

A new brand identity has been brought to life for DHU Healthcare (insert link to YOU TUBE brand video) as our new website is unveiled. comes with a bright design, is easier to navigate and offers improved accessibility - with built-in tools that include options to support users with visual and hearing impairment or first language preferences.  It also has fewer lengthy pages – with text set out concisely to make it easier for people to get the information they need quickly and within a couple of ‘clicks’.

Head of Communications Sarah Turner-Saint comments: “Our website is often the first port of call for people who want to know more about us, especially if they are hoping to join the DHU family in a new role.  Based on our people’s feedback we’ve gone for a one company, one brand stance - and the new website reflects that ‘one DHU’ approach – showcasing all the services we deliver as part of the NHS frontline. 

“We cover a population of around ten million, so our brand is much more than a logo.  It’s an illustration of our reputation and the not for profit, community interest company we aspire to be.  Our new website gives us a platform to tell our story and how we’ve grown over the last thirty plus years - and it will play an important part in recruitment as well as awareness raising.  We want our new brand to be synonymous with compassionate care, a great place to work and a supporter of local communities.  Our website is definitely representative of that goal and we hope people enjoy having a browse (see which colleagues you can spot!) and will continue to help us to improve how it’s navigated.”

The site includes a focus on careers and shares the huge variety of roles on offer at DHU – with career progression and continuous development evident through news pages.  There are plenty  of articles about the people who work at DHU, what it means to them to care for our patients and how their wide-ranging roles work together to deliver compassionate, high-quality care and support services.

The website is one of a number of developments designed to build DHU’s brand through lots of different tools and platforms.   We are also set to launch our new strategy – which has been developed over nine months with input from our people, patients and the many organisations we partner with. The vision, mission and values are clearer, and the strategy is forward thinking with five critical success factors that will drive DHU’s decisions and actions over the coming years.  Look out more for news about it!

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