Publish date: 8 July 2024

We are delighted to announce that Debbie Kemp, our Operations Manager (UEC North) has been honoured with the prestigious University of Derby Civic Hero Award.

The Civic Awards reception evening on the 4th July at the University of Derby saw Debbie, alongside her colleagues within Urgent Care, join people from across the city who were recognise for their contributions to civic life.

This award celebrated Debbie's incredible support of charitable causes, her dedication to fundraising, and her passion for fostering positive change in our communities—all of which are reflected in DHU’s values.

Debbie told us: “I’m genuinely speechless and thrilled to receive the Civic Hero Award from the University of Derby. It means so much to me, as it highlights the importance of giving back to our community and supporting causes that make a difference to others like Cancer Research. I am deeply grateful to my colleagues and everyone who has supported my efforts. Thank you so much.”

Over the last few years, Debbie has taken on some extraordinary challenges, including completing a half-marathon while carrying a 22lb tire on her back. This remarkable feat was not just a physical endeavour but a testament to her dedication to making a difference. The funds she raised from these went towards supporting AAJ, a community-based fitness and running club, and Cancer Research.

Recently, she decided to take on an even greater challenge, completing a full walking marathon with an even heavier 33lb tyre. Her tyre challenge symbolises her commitment to supporting causes that matter and pushing her physical and mental limits for the greater good of our community.

Debbie pictured with her Urgent &
Emergency Care (North) colleagues

Debbie's incredible efforts and commitment to charitable causes reflect the values that the Derby Civic Hero Award represents. She has made a lasting impact on our community, and at DHU Healthcare we believe she deserves this recognition for her outstanding contributions.

Sarah Turner-Saint, Deputy Director of Communications and Engagement, expressed her pride: “On behalf of DHU Healthcare I would like to share how proud we are that Debbie has been chosen as a Civic Hero Award winner. Through her determination to make a difference, Debbie supports the NHS in her day-to-day role but does just as much for people outside of work. She truly represents our CARE values and makes a massive impact within Derbyshire communities.”

Please join us in congratulating Debbie on this remarkable achievement and in celebrating the positive impact she has made on so many lives.

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