Our DHU Care Awards Champions - 2023

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Compassionate Patient Care 1.jpg

Champion: Palliative Care Urgent Response Service

Demonstrating empathy and compassion for end-of-life patients, this team grant that final wish of a person to die at home, where they feel safe and comfortable amongst people who love them. To put it in the words of one such relative - ‘If it had not been for you all, I don’t know what we would have done or how we would have coped without your help and kindness. Thank you so much’.

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Champion: Leadership Team at Urgent Care South (Northamptonshire)

Karen Saunders, Gary Wood and Stuart Higgins champion and sponsor inclusion and innovation, encouraging their teams to participate in the development of the service. They invite all team members to contribute their own original thinking and actively welcome ideas to promote greatness and a real team spirit. It’s that sense of purpose that has helped each individual find more value in the work that they do.

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Champion: Children's and Young Persons Mental Health Triage and Navigation Service

A partnership approach with Leicester Health Informatics and the Leicester Partnership Trust, the My Self Referral website helps under 18-year-olds, their parents and carers find the mental health support they need. Working with clinicians, commissioners and to strict government guidelines the result is a confidential, easily accessible service that directly addresses and treats mental issues for young people when they need it the most.

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Champion: Unscheduled Care Hub at Urgent Care South (LLR)

Working in partnership with EMAS, the Integrated Care Board, District Nursing, Social Services, Community Therapy and Mental Health teams, more than 1,000 patients have been given the most appropriate care at the earliest possible time. Clinical experts from each service receive direct referrals from clinicians on the road who have concerns about a patient, one phone call to them and our experts in the hub will do the rest.

Outstanding Citizenship 1.jpg

Champion: Our DHU Citizens

This award recognised a team or individual for demonstrating exceptional social responsibility either within or outside our company – setting an inspiring example for others to follow. It celebrated those who actively contributed to bettering their communities, embodying the values of social responsibility, including charitable endeavours, support of good causes, environmental action, volunteering and civic engagement.

We Care for You 2.jpg

Champion: 111 Administrative, Secretaries, and Personal Assistants Team

Three teams that function as one, they are essential to the success of DHU 111. Supporting with welfare, engagement, clinical and operational meetings, reporting, note taking and facilitating collaborative working between teams. They were also integral to the introduction of our West Midlands contract, offering support to hundreds of new starters and supporting recovery following the Adastra downtime. A versatile, adaptable and accomplished team.

We Care UPC Team 2.jpg

Champion: Transport Team at Urgent Care North (Derbyshire)

One of the unsung heroes of DHU, they ensure our vehicles and equipment are always ready to provide Urgent care services on the road, often helping to deliver packages, medicines, equipment, smartcards and people. They race into action during a crisis, whether it’s an accident or breakdown, if a vehicle is needed elsewhere or if equipment is urgently needed elsewhere. This team is front and centre as part of a successful DHU.

We Care Corp Services 1.jpg

Champion: Pay Services Team

As if ensuring more than 3,000 people getting paid on time isn’t enough, this small but perfectly formed team worked on the transfer of 2,000 people to a new payroll and HR system, the TUPE transfer of 300 people and 300 new starters in the West Midlands with no additional resources. Always on hand to offer advice, resolving queries quickly and effectively and knowing the value of each and every one of our colleagues is what makes this team special.

Peer Recognition 1.jpg

Champion: 111 Dental Team

With more and more patients calling 111 for dental help, this team offers care, advice and signposting to the most appropriate service with compassion and empathy. Dental pain can be unbearable, but the team do not judge, they listen to the patient’s frustrations remembering that this is someone’s family member who is in acute pain, how can they help…it’s more than just teeth, its being able to live your day without being in pain.

Visionary Team 2.jpg

Champion: Loughborough Urgent Treatment Centre

Two incredible initiatives were launched including eTriage, allowing patients to check in electronically and follow a bespoke urgent care pathway to reduce waiting times, speed up triage, improve patient confidentiality and free up clinical time. An appointment slotting system, giving patients a time to return for treatment to reduce pressure on the waiting area and give patients more freedom was also developed. Two brilliant patient-centred initiatives

Inspire Leadership 1.jpg

Champion: Nana Tamuno

From a standing start, Nana’s impact on our practices has already been hugely significant in terms of quality, patient access, finance, team building, engagement and cohesion. Her colleagues describe her as having a lovely, supportive, engaged people-focused style, enabling them to flourish and learn the value of our work. The way she responded to, led and supported the team after the passing of muchloved colleague Dr Ndubuisi Uhegwu, was kind, respectful and a source of great comfort.

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