Publish date: 1 July 2022


Our latest Quality Account, which includes feedback from our commissioners and Healthwatch organisations, is now published and is a comprehensive guide to the care we have delivered during 2020/21.

DHU Healthcare, as an NHS provider, produces a Quality Account each year, which sets out how we have performed for our patients and the public. It reports on the quality of our services with particular reference to safety, effectiveness and patient experience and also details improvement priorities for the year ahead.

Jenny Tilson, Director of Nursing and Quality said: "Our Quality Account allows staff, public and patients to review the quality of care we provide. At DHU we are dedicated to making sure that the services we provide to our patients are at the highest quality they can be. To help us understand and improve the quality of these services, we measure what we do and how we do it. Our Quality Account gives readers a clear understanding of all our services and how they have performed over the last year."

You can find the most recent DHU Healthcare Quality account for clicking here.

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