Flu Fighters – Meet the Flu Planning Team

Each year, as the flu season approaches, our Flu Planning Team are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that all the staff at DHU Health Care are informed about and have access to free flu vaccinations.

As front-line health care workers, staff at DHU health Care are more at risk of being exposed to, and therefore of spreading the flu virus, so vaccination is a vital part of infection control. It not only helps stopping the from flu spreading, but also protects those who are at increased risk from complications.

Our 2018/2019 Campaign

At the start of October 2018 DHU Health Care launched its ‘Flu Fighters On The Move’ campaign in a bid to encourage staff to be vaccinated and raise money for local charities.

Having built on lessons learned in previous year’s campaigns, we focused on highlighting that the vaccine protects not only our patients, but also staff members’ relatives, friends and colleagues.

Over the 2018-2019 flu season the DHU aimed and succeeded in getting 75% of their staff vaccinated. The Flu Team gave out flu goodie bags, used a flu-ometer to reach their target and drove their dedicated “Flu Bug” car between the companies sites all in a bid to make the vaccination as accessible as possible.

As an extra incentive for each employee having their flu vaccination, DHU Health Care also offered to donate money to a selected charity. The four local charities were chosen by members of the flu team to highlight charitable work done throughout the Derbyshire and Leicestershire areas the company operates out of.

Funds were raised for LAMP (Leicestershire Actions for Mental Health Protection), Wishes 4 KidsTreetops Hospice Care and Pathways of Chesterfield by DHU Health Care staff when they were vaccinated over the winter flu season.

The campaign successfully achieved its goal of vaccinating over 75% of our 111 Colleagues and also gained a 13.39% increase in the total organisational number from last year.

"Over the last year we successfully vaccinated over 75% of our front-line staff.” Infection Prevention & Control