Flu Fighters – Case Studies

Staff at DHU, like everyone else, have had different experiences with the flu over the years. 

In this section, you can read their first-hand stories of what happened when they did and did not have a flu vaccination. 

Cara Wallage, Rota Services Manager

I was offered the flu jab at work and decided to take up the offer. I found the jab to be painless but had some minor irritation at the site of injection which I was warned about prior to administration. Other than the slight irritation I had no other side-effects from the vaccination. I would recommend having the flu jab and fully intend to have my flu jab again this year.

Dr Emma Cunnliffe, GP

During the winter period 2017/2018, I did not receive the Flu jab and became unwell with the symptoms described below and was diagnosed with Flu: •a sudden fever – a temperature of 38C or above •aching body •feeling tired or exhausted •dry, chesty cough •sore throat •headache •difficulty sleeping •loss of appetite •diarrhoea or tummy pain •nausea and being sick

Stephen Bateman, Chief Executive Officer - DHU Health Care

I am really impressed again to see so many of our employees having their flu vaccination. Last year, over 75% of our staff received the vaccination, highlighting just how important having the flu vaccination is.