Meet The Team – DHU 111

Pauline Hand

Managing Director DHU 111 (East Midlands)

As Managing Director I have been involved in NHS 111 since its inception and truly believe that we provide an innovative, efficient, clinically safe service for all our patients.  I am very proud of our service and to be part of the DHU 111 journey.

David Hurn

DHU 111 Assistant Managing Director

Dr Ian Matthews

Medical Director for DHU Health Care

Dr Ian Matthews was appointed to the role of Medical Director for both DHU and DHU 111 (East Midlands) CIC in September 2016. Ian’s experience within the NHS 111 service is extensive, having been Regional NHS111 Clinical Lead and a member of the National NHS111 Clinical Leads Group until April 2013.

Linda Watson

DHU 111 Assistant Clinical Director

Linda Watson is the DHU 111 Assistant Clinical Director and is responsible for 111 service developments within integrated urgent care and for providing clinical leadership within DHU 111.  Linda has worked in telephone triage for 14 years and very much enjoys the fast pace that goes with providing the assessment and care to all the patients who contact the service.

Michelle Gerrard

Head of Human Resources – DHU 111 (East Midlands) CIC​

I have an extensive career history in generalist HR spanning a 20 year period.  Having previously been employed by DHU between 2006 and 2009, I then lived and worked in the Middle East for 8 years before re-joining the 111 Division in August 2017.  I head a dedicated and enthusiastic team of HR and recruitment specialists.

Kerry Collins

Nurse Advisor / Pathways CQI & DoS Lead (Clinical)​

Within my role as one of the Clinical CQI and DOS leads I support changes and alterations to service to allow for appropriate referral methods for callers of 111. I have a keen interest in clinician development and support safe working practices with the design and development of policies and processes. I have been a clinical Pathways trainer since 2010 and am passionate about audit being a learning tool to promote best practice.

I am a registered Adult Nurse with a clinical background in Neurology, general surgery and tele health.

Asif Khan

DHU 111 Service Delivery Manager

As a Service Delivery Manager here at DHU 111 I manage the Operational Lead team and oversee the Senior Health Advisors. My main responsibility is to support the Head of Performance to achieve our key performance indicators and implement any new processes within the business.

Along with managing a group of Shift Leads I represent DHU 111 at various external meetings informing the wider health group on DHU 111 progress. I am based at the Johnson building, however as with all management, you will see me in all sites at different times.

Stephen Bullen​

Training & Development Manager​

As Training & Development Manager, my ultimate responsibility is to ensure all staff are fully trained to safely support patients. This can only be achieved by everyone working together so another important part of the job is to continue developing team work between all the various groups that contribute to the delivery of the 111 service.