Meet the DHU Team – Sophie Baker

As part of our regular series to introduce you to the incredible individuals working within DHU Health Care, we’re going to be highlighting team members stories and asking them what it takes to keep you safe and healthy each and every day of the year.

We’ll be exploring people’s roles and responsibilities, learning about their teams and giving you a real insight into what it’s like to work in the challenging world of healthcare.

Next up in our ‘What Do You Do’ series, we talk to Sophie Baker, one of our Housekeepers in Chesterfield, who tells us about her role at DHU…

Sophie Baker – Housekeeper

Hi, I’m Sophie, a housekeeper for DHU Health Care. Before joining DHU I was a domestic cleaner at the nearby Chesterfield Royal Hospital. I’ve been with DHU for four years and you’re most likely to see me around the Ashgate Manor building making sure everything is running smoothly behind the scenes.

What is a typical day like for me? Well, most people would be surprised at how many different duties the housekeepers perform on a daily basis. This can be anything from monitoring and ordering stock to putting away deliveries for our Out-of-Hours teams.  It’s not as simple as making sure all the areas of the building are cleaned to a high standard! There’s also a fair share of paperwork to be completed as we keep up to date records on a variety of checklists.

More than ever, with the spread of Covid-19, the housekeepers are essential in keeping DHU’s services running effectively. We have to ensure that all points of contact are disinfected so that infections are prevented from spreading amongst work colleagues. That means every handle, computer mouse and tap…to name a few! From cleaning desks in our 111 Advice Centres to our Out-of-Hours consultation rooms, the housekeepers are always thinking about the safety of patients and staff first.

What do I like the most about working for DHU? The staff. I find that they really do appreciate the work that I do, and that makes it more enjoyable for me. I also get a lot of satisfaction that I can create a clean environment for all my colleagues to work in.

If I was to give anyone any advice, it would be that a job shouldn’t define you as a person and no matter what people are going through you should always be friendly and smile.

Thanks to Sophie for sharing her story and keep your eyes peeled for DHU’s next #WhatDoYouDo.

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