Meet the DHU Team – Emma Woodhouse

As part of our regular series to introduce you to the incredible individuals working within DHU Health Care, we’re going to be highlighting team members stories and asking them what it takes to keep you safe and healthy each and every day of the year.

We’ll be exploring people’s roles and responsibilities, learning about their teams and giving you a real insight into what it’s like to work in the challenging world of healthcare.

Next up in our ‘What Do You Do’ series, we talk to Emma Woodhouse, a Reflective Supervisor, who tells us a about her role at DHU…

Emma Woodhouse –  Reflective Supervisor

What is your job title?

Reflective Supervisor

How long have you worked for the company?

6 years

Previous roles/background working for DHU?

I am currently a Clinical Performance Manager based at Fosse house, Leicester. Previous to this I was a Clinical Advisor at Derby.

Can you give an overview of the duties, functions and responsibilities of your job?

Supervision is a formal process of professional support and learning which helps individuals to develop knowledge and competence in order to meet certain organisational and personal perspectives.

It is an important component of staff support and development which provides a forum for encouragement, praise, feedback and constructive criticism.

It promotes safe and effective practice and high quality patient experience, reinforcing our roles and responsibilities and the standards of care and behaviour expected, contributing to a framework which meets Clinical Governance requirements and provides a platform for discussion of ethical issues.

What is a typical day like?

I manage 28 supervisors here at DHU who work at Derby, Chesterfield, Fosse House and remotely. I review the requests and allocate a supervisor to carry out the supervision. This could be face to face or over the phone as we have a lot of supervisors and staff who work remotely. These requests can be on the day and as long as we have a supervisor on shift, we can usually accommodate.

What do you like the most about working for DHU?

The thing I like the most about working at DHU is ensuring my staff are happy in their roles which in turn benefits the patients they care for.

Proudest moment in your career working for DHU?

As a CPM, it is seeing the clinicians that have struggled initially with the training and the adapting to a ‘different kind’ of nursing following F2F patient care, growing into confident and competent clinicians, with such kind and caring hearts as evidenced when I audit them constantly.

As a Reflective supervisor lead, its seeing such a huge interest in the clinicians want to become reflective supervisors and in turn wanting to support their fellow colleagues at DHU. Due to this, we have managed to provide further training to enable more clinicians attend the training and in turn provide more support to their colleagues.

Fun/interesting fact about you?

I am an identical twin

If you were to give anyone any advice what would it be?

Reflective supervision is a safe place for learning and to be listened to. Everyone is entitled to ‘time out’ so make good use of it by booking a session.

Thanks to Emma for sharing her story and keep your eyes peeled for DHU’s next #WhatDoYouDo.

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