DHU Team Face 24 Hour Cyclothon Challenge for Charity

On Feb 9th and 10th six cyclists from DHU Health Care will be taking part in a gruelling 24-hour team cycling relay at Derby Velodrome as part of the Cyclone24 event.

The challenge is simple; how many laps can they do in 24hrs – and can they beat the other teams?

Cyclone24 is the UK’s only 24-hour track cycling relay challenge event and it will be taking place at Derby Velodrome.

The physically and mentally demanding challenge will see the riders facing the daunting task of staying awake, battling exhaustion and pushing themselves to the limit in order to make it to the end. It is a challenge of strength, determination and team spirit.

The six team members who will be pushing the pedals in a 24-hour relay are:

  • Anne-Marie Walker – NHS111 Health Advisor
  • Peter Miles– Driver Trainer Derbyshire Urgent Care
  • Heidi Stevens– Transport manager LLR Urgent Care
  • Simon Harris – MD LLR Urgent Care
  • Lisa Wallis – HRD DHU
  • Rob Haines – Ops LLR Urgent Care

For many it will be the first time they have used the velodrome in Derby (or anywhere for that matter) so not only will they have to learn the legendary track, but they will also have to battle exhaustion to complete the 24-hour challenge.

Robert Haines, LLR Head of Operations, said: “Cyclone24 is a big challenge, as a team of 6 we have to cycle in relay form continuously for 24 hours, so each team member will have completed about 4 hours cycling by the end of it. Travelling at about 25mph – that is about 100 miles and 640 laps each.

“We will be cycling in 20 minute stints, so the rest recovery time between efforts will only be about 2hrs – so not long and this goes on for 24hrs!”

All funds raised by the DHU Health Care team will go toward supporting two charities that are close to their hearts. The two charities, the British heart foundation and MIND, are both charities that deal with issues which have directly affected people close to the team and they aim to do their best to raise as much as they can for the causes.

They need your help, so please do support them by following the Just Giving links below:

Cyclone24 – Mind


Cyclone 24 – British Heart Foundation


You can also follow along with the team on Twitter and Facebook.

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