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It is important for everyone to log-off there computers correctly. If they wouldn’t any unsaved work will be lost.

When assessing an patient the advisor’s are expected to ask pacific questions relating to they’re symptoms

When completing assessment notes a health advisor must always ensure they right their notes in an accurate manor to reflect the patient’s currant symptoms.

Julie has been to the GP yesterday with a sore throat and dry tickly cough that she has had for 7 days, the GP diagnosed a virus. Julie is three and a half months pregnant and she was very tired so the GP said this could be the cause of the virus, the GP advised plenty of fluids and a soft diet and plenty of rest. Cold drinks, ice lollies and ice cream could also be used to sooth a sore throat. As she was still getting symptoms Julie decided to go to the pharmacist as she is concerned. She has bought some cough medicine from the pharmacist.

The directions advised:

  1. Do not use cough medicine if symptoms have been present for more than 2 weeks
  2. Do not use for a chesty cough
  3. Do not use cough medicines if less than 20 weeks pregnant
  4. Do not use for bacterial chest infections

Should Julie use the cough Medicine from the pharmacist?

You will see Dr Ryan on Wenesday 12th Febuary at 12.20 pm.

The staff meeting is on Friday.

Why not come to the meeting next Friday? We would love to see you there.

The purpose of the next meeting is to discuss the new surgery opening times.

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