Did you know that all new starters at our NHS111 service receive a Welcome Award when they join us? It's the perfect time to join DHU and we can't wait to wlecome you to the team!

What is the DHU Welcome Award?

It is an introduction payment awarded to new starters in NHS111 only. They are sometimes called 'golden handshakes', 'golden hellos' or 'new starter bonuses. We have used the term 'Welcome Award' to reflect the fact new people are joining us in these vital roles.

Why is DHU introducing a Welcome Award?

NHS England and Improvement are keen to find new ways of attracting people to NHS 111 - and recognise that the first year in the role can often be the most challenging. For a number of years, 111 services across the country have struggled to attract and retain staff and have experienced high-levels of sickness absence.

Whilst we have been successfully recruiting to health advisor, clinical advisor and management positions over the past few months, other services across the UK haven't had the same level of success. The Welcome Award is a nationally supported initiative that will aim to boost new starter numbers, as well as reduce turnover and sickness absence.

Who qualifies for the Welcome Award?

Anyone joining NHS111 in any role - patient-facing and non-patient-facing over the six months April 1 2022, to September 30 2022.

Find out more

Want to find out more about the Welcome Award? We've put together all information in a handy document that can be found here.

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