CARE Awards

Each year DHU Health Care holds an annual CARE awards ceremony to celebrate colleagues who have gone above and beyond in caring for both their patients and fellow staff.

The CARE Award recognises a group or team of colleagues who have demonstrated to the fullest the company’s core values of; Caring & Compassionate, Always Professional, Respect & Dignity and Everyone Matters.

Everyday our dedicated and talented staff are met with tough situations and the CARE awards are our way to recognise and celebrate those little acts of kindness, times when they went the extra mile, or stepped up in a difficult time.

From the those nominated the DHU board of Directors, Executive Directors and Non-Executive Directors then choose the winners.

The sought-after awards go to 4 groups or teams of staff, there is also a special CEO award chosen by Stephen Bateman.

These 5 awards are as follows:

  • Caring & Compassion CARE Award
  • Always Professional CARE Award
  • Respect & Dignity CARE Award
  • Everyone Matters CARE Award
  • The CEO Award

The team receiving an award must have worked in partnership on a project or task that has significantly enhanced patient care, or achieved departmental goals, or exemplified the DHU mission values within its core.

What are the DHU values?

The DHU values are embedded into all areas of the business and are reinforced at every opportunity. You can read more about our CARE values here