Top 500 east Midlands companies

Business List Placing Highlights DHU Resilience

After DHU Health Care’s successful response to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, which showcased their commitment to compassionate high-quality patient care – and hot on the heels of the ‘thank you’ celebrations to mark the first NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day (July 5th) DHU have yet another reason to celebrate.

Five hundred businesses across the East Midlands have once again been highlighted in an academic ‘directory’ that notes their ‘resilience and response to new challenges and opportunities’.  That top 500 list includes DHU Health Care as providers of vital services to the NHS frontline.

Published for only the second time, the list (compiled using financial accounts, employee numbers and Company House ‘standard industrial classifications’ of economic activities) highlights the range and strength of leading companies in the East Midlands area.

With DHU ranked above half-way, at an impressive 220 – and higher than our 242 placing last year – the 2021 result illustrates our standing in the heart of the region’s economy.  A place in the top 500 demonstrates those businesses excelling at what they do and considered most likely to drive growth and create jobs in the future, supporting their local communities and other services’ economies.

Chief Executive, Stephen Bateman is delighted to see the progression that DHU Health Care has made, although the ranking is not his main concern:  “It’s likely, based on our latest figures that we’ll find ourselves closer to a place in the top 200* next time around,” he comments.
“Climbing up the list shows we have just as much to offer as many of the high-profile companies we all recognise from this area. What’s more important though is what that ‘rise’ demonstrates in reality.  It’s absolutely a reflection on all of the hard work everyone puts in every day to make DHU Health Care a real success.
“It’s important that we all take stock and recognise how far we’ve come, despite everything we’ve been up against – especially in the last 18-months. Being part of this list represents much more than a number, it’s well-deserved recognition for all our achievements, both as a local employer and as a provider of health care services to people across the East Midlands.
“I hope all our colleagues feel incredibly proud to be in the top 500 again, because they have all played a part in getting us there and supporting that maintained position.”