Primary Care Out of Hours

DHU Health Care (DHU) provides out of hours (OOH) primary healthcare services to people across Derbyshire and Leicestershire. To contact a Doctor or Nurse at your out of hours service, you need to dial NHS 111. The OOH service is based on either telephoning one of our call centres where patients, their relatives or carers can speak to trained staff, doctors and nurses who will assess their need and either provide advice over the telephone or make an appointment to attend one of our local clinics or for patients who are house-bound or so unwell that they are unable to travel, arrange for a doctor or nurse to visit them at home.

The OOH service is required to meet the Department of Health’s OOH Quality Standards. This means that the service will meet a range of quality indicators including promptly answering the telephone, providing assessment of your healthcare problem and ensuring patients are seen within a timeframe appropriate to their needs. All staff that DHU employ or who contribute to the OOH service are trained and are very knowledgeable about how health and social care is organised locally in your area. If you live close to one of our urgent care centers (at New MillsSwadlincote and St Oswald’s, Ashbourne) You do not need to telephone to make an appointment, you can walk in at the times that the centres are open.

You will be assessed by a nurse who will ensure appropriate advice and treatment is provided. If the centres are closed please telephone your usual GP’s surgery number. our own in house call centers, Derbyshire Health United (DHU) are able to provide a quality call handling service designed to fit your needs. Working across several sites in our excellent call centre environment allows for a locally provided service whilst maximising the utilisation of staff. Our call centre always delivers a valuable service by ensuring our patients remain our main priority.

We offer a completely integrated solution, based on state-of-the-art technology and delivered by highly trained Call Handlers, always motivated to provide a superior patient service of which we are very proud. If you would like more information about our call handling or would like to commission call handling services from us please click below to contact us.