New intranet Launched Across DHU Health Care

On October 21st DHU Health Care launched its new intranet platform to replace the legacy system.

The original in-house intranet was complicated to use, dated, difficult to update and hard to access by many of DHU Health Care’s diverse workforce. Last year the company began the process of sourcing a new intranet platform and Clarity TeamNet was chosen as the provider.

For over 20 year’s Clarity has been providing innovative technology solutions to the NHS. Their intranet platform, Clarity TeamNet, is a web-based compliance and sharing platform designed specifically for health care.

Kati Makepeace, Product Implementation Consultant for Clarity TeamNet, said: “We are delighted to be bringing TeamNet to DHU Health Care to support and improve the communication within an organisation of this size. As TeamNet is a role-based system, we are removing the reliance on email distribution lists; and with full document control, TeamNet will be removing the risk of staff using out-of-date policies.”

The platform supports those working in the primary care sector with everyday practice management and CQC compliance tools. Clarity TeamNet is used every day by Practices, Federations, CCGs, CSUs, Trusts, Local Authorities, NHS England and many others. TeamNet was built specifically to improve operational efficiency in GP Practices, to save time and money and to free up resources that are best spent delivering patient care. It has been further developed to facilitate for sharing, and collaborating within the health care industry.

Stephen Bateman, CEO of DHU Health Care, said: “As a leading health care provider operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through dedicated staff delivering patient care across East Midlands, Milton Keynes and East Staffordshire, the ability to communicate effectively across a dispersed workforce has always been a challenge.

DHU Health Care wanted a single platform that colleagues could easily access to collaborate, share and engage with each other and the Company regardless of location or role within the DHU team. Clarity TeamNet were able to provide this, offering a new platform from which both staff and patients will benefit.

At DHU Health Care we embrace change and innovation throughout the company and our partnership with Clarity TeamNet on this new intranet highlights how we are actively evolving with technology. It is clear that we are part of a health and social care sector that is going through a period of significant change in the way it communicates and engages with both staff and patients to meet that challenge today and in the future.”

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