Mud, Glorious Mud

The DHU Health Care team went wild running to raise money for Breast Cancer UK.

Over 4000 runners, including 16 members of DHU, went up against the brutal 10k cross country Autumn Wolf Run challenge in Warwickshire over the weekend.

Whilst most of us were wrapped up warm at home, the adventurous DHU team were pushing their bodies to the limit as they took on 26 obstacles including a 100 metre slide, 10ft walls, a 20ft cargo net, a freezing 100 metre swim and tonnes of mud to reach the finish line.

The ‘Breast Foot Forwards’ team were made up of all levels and divisions of the company, with even the CEO Stephen Bateman toughing it out to raise money for Breast Cancer UK. Most of the 16 reached the finish line and the support between the team members was incredible throughout, with no one being left behind.

Simon Harris, Managing Director for Urgent Care LLR, said: “This was a great way to celebrate my birthday, fresh air, exercise and raising valuable funds for a really important charity in Breast Cancer UK.  I thought it quite important to add some humour to the day to keep spirits high and morale positive so dressed up as Baywatch star Pamela Anderson! A great experience to run, crawl through mud, swim across bogs and be part of something exhilarating with 4,000 other people.”

Breast Cancer UK state that 1 in 7 women are estimated to get breast cancer in some point in their lives. The charities mission is vital to prevent breast cancer through scientific research, collaboration, education and policy change.

Dr Aqib Bhatti (Clinical Director UCD) said afterwards: “That was a bit of a challenge. I think morale was good in the DHU camp. We raised a lot of money for Breast Cancer UK and next time we should get everyone in the DHU doing it. It was fantastic.”

Each year there are four Wolf Run events, with the courses being a mix of running trails across open ground and through woodland. There are a series of physical challenges using man-made obstacles with the course also featuring a huge number of nature’s finest obstacles, from lake swims to mud pits, fallen trees, boggy ground, ditches, hills and dense foliage.

If you want to support the team then you can still visit their Just Giving page here.

Pictured: R – L – Duncan Kirkwood (CQI Non Clinical Trainer), Aqib Bhatti (Clinical Director UCD) Ian Truby-Ware (Head of Clinical Services), Sukhwinder Roopra (Driver, LLR), Heidi Stevens (Transport Manager LLR), Alex Reece-Sumner (Stock & Equipment Administrator LLR), Simon Harris (Managing Director Urgent Care LLR), Jake Base (Payroll Administrator), Stephen Bateman (Chief Executive Officer), Peter Miles (Driver Trainer), Sarah Toyne (Nurse Practitioner UCD), Ryan Fellows (Patient Records Administrator), Jessica Worthington (Communications Officer), Stacey Howard (NHS 111 Non-Clinical Team Manager), Annabelle Martin (Junior PA) and Fiona Coaton (UCD Administrative Assistant)

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