Keeping The Kid’s Safe And Healthy This Half Term

Parents will be looking for activities and outings to entertain their children this half term. There are bound to be a few falls, trips and slips which can cause sprains and strains in children.

Being active and playing sport is good for your child’s health – it builds confidence, social skills and improves concentration and learning.  It also maintains a healthy weight and helps aid sleep.  So, to help your child get the most out of an active February half term break, follow these simple tips.

The NHS across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland is advising parents on what to do in the event of minor injury.

Dr Y. B. Shah, a Leicestershire GP said: “If your child shows signs of an ankle sprain or strain they are likely to experience pain, swelling, bruising and tenderness around the joint or in the muscle.  They may also find it difficult to move their affected joint.

“Most sprains and strains are relatively minor and can be treated at home with self-care techniques, by using the PRICE therapy method (see below) or suitable pain medication – there is no need for lengthy waits in hospital emergency. Your local urgent care or walk-in centre can also help, and many offer x-ray facilities.”

PRICE stands for protection, rest, ice, compression and elevation:

Protect the injury by
Resting the area for at least 48 hours
Ice packs should be used on the first day of getting the injury for 20 minutes, up to eight times – a bag of frozen peas wrapped up in a tea towel does the job well
Compress with a bandage
Elevating the injury for an hour or so will also help the recovery and decrease the swelling.

Dr Y.B. Shah added: “Sprains and strains can take up to four weeks to heal so a child may need to rest their injury and play more gently for a while.  If you have used these measures and a child is in a lot of pain, they may need to see a health professional. By calling NHS111, which is free from any network and available 24/7, you will get advice about what to do next or where to go to get further assessment and treatment.”

As parents will know, it’s not much fun when the kids come down with coughs and colds during the holidays. By making sure you have a good stock of over the counter remedies, you can ensure you can make the most of February half term.

If you or a family member come down with a common ailment such as a cough, cold or sore throat, your local pharmacists can help. Pharmacists are fully trained to give you professional medical advice, with a wide range of over-the-counter medications available. You don’t need to book an appointment and many pharmacies now have private consultation rooms so you can talk privately.

If you need advice or medical treatment call NHS 111 available 24/7 every day of the year.

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