DHU Urgent Care LLR

In October 2017,  DHU Leicester City Health were awarded the contract to deliver services at the renowned Merlyn Vaz Health Care Hub and one of the centres GP practices, now known as the Heron GP Practice also incorporating St Matthews Medical Centre. For further information about these services visit the practice web site: 

In January 2018 DHU Leicester CIty Health also took over the running of the Bowling Green Street Practice in the city.

DHU’s presence in Leicester and Leicestershire and Rutland has grown rapidly in 2017/18 with DHU managing services at Loughborough Urgent Care Centre, The Home Visiting Services and Night Nursing Services across the counties.

DHU has also successfully been awarded contracts to deliver services at a further three Leicester City Healthcare Hubs.

Commissioned by Leicester City CCG, the hubs will provide an additional 1200+ primary care appointments each week for patients of Leicester City GP practices from the following locations.

  • Westcotes; operating 8am until 8pm, operating 365 days a year.
  • Belgrave; operating 6:30pm until 10pm,Monday to Friday, and 12pm until 8pm Saturdays & Sundays
  • Saffron; operating 6:30pm until 10pm, Monday to Friday and 12pm until 8pm Saturdays & Sundays

The addition of these hubs means that DHU is operating all the health care hubs in Leicester.


In April 2018, commissioned by University Hospitals Leicester NHS Trust, DHU took on a range of additional services
Luke Barrat
Communication Manager
  1. Emergency Department Assessment Function at Leicester Royal Infirmary, operating 24/7/365 which provides the clinical streaming for adult ambulatory patients to ensure they are directed to the most appropriate pathway for their needs.
  2. Primary Care stream 24/7/365 for both adults and children presenting with minor illness or injury.
  3. Primary Care Out of Hours service (booked appointments) between 9pm and 8am every day.  This service is scheduled to commence on 01 July 2018.