DHU Teams Up With Derby Crisis Response

DHU Health Care are proud to announce that they have been working in association with Derby Crisis Response in order to support the local community in Derby who have been affected throughout the Coronavirus pandemic by supporting the food bank and donating shopping trollies full of food.

This has gone a long way in making a huge difference to the most vulnerable. Mohammad Awais, a volunteer for Derby Crisis Response said, “I would like to say a big thank you to DHU Health Care for helping Derby Crisis Response Team in helping to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. We have a variety of different foods at the food back, from dhal to pasta and baby food.”

Stephen Bateman, Chief Executive of DHU, said, “I’d like to say thank you to all of our DHU colleagues for all the donations to the food bank for the Derby Crisis Response service. People here today will be distributing food over the county in response to a great charity. It’s fantastic that DHU are able to support this.”

Community volunteers from Derby Crisis Response have cooked and distributed food across DHU Health Care frontline workers such as rice, vegetable chaat and samosas to show appreciation for the amazing work that DHU are doing to keep people safe at this challenging time.

Derby Crisis Response have visited a number of NHS frontline workers across a number of sites including; DHU Headquarters: Johnson Building in Pride Park, 111 Call Centre, Urgent Care Division, Covid Centre, The Derby Urgent Care centre (DUCC), Royal Derby Hospital, Swadlincote Centre, South district nursing team, South Drivers and home visiting clinicians, with further plans to visit all the other peripherals.

Derby Crisis Response would like to give a special thank you to Debbie Kemp, Paul Cogan and Bev Goulbourne for assisting with the logistics of delivery of the food across the county.

We would also like to thank Zafar Nawaz for coordinating the NHS111 feed, Dr Aqib Bhatti Medical Director Urgent Care Derbyshire, for approaching and involving Derby Crisis Response, and Stephen Bateman CEO DHU Health Care, for supporting us to support the community, as well as every single DHU Health Care colleague for their contribution and hard work during this time.

Pictured above: Izzy Hussain (OOH Coordinator & Dr Sabir)

Who are Derby Crisis Response?

The concern for the vulnerable, the elderly, and the general impact of a lockdown on the wider community initiated Derby Crisis Response inception in early March 2020, three weeks before the official UK Lockdown. They aim to support and assist the most vulnerable affected by Coronavirus with many much-needed services, provided by multiple local organisations supported by the local authority.

Radio Ikhlas manager Baz Jabbar was one of the founding members of Derby Crisis Response. He said: “There are about 30 partners overall and over 500 volunteers – it’s purely a community effort. We saw the virus coming our way. We thought we need to pull together and start doing something. We realised we can’t do it as individuals, so community action was needed”.

If you would like to contact the Derby Crisis Response community support team please ring 0300 3021944 or visit www.derbycrisisresponse.co.uk for more information.