DHU Team Go The Distance For MQ

Over the 8th and 9th of February a team of six cyclists from DHU Health Care took part in the HUUB 24-hour challenge to raise much needed donations for the mental health charity MQ.

Finishing in 13th place, the team, many of whom had only recently used the Derby velodrome for the first time, completed the event by cycling an unbelievable 3489 laps.

The remarkable total of 872 km, which is 541 miles, was 243 more laps than what they achieved last year.

To put that into some perspective that is 541 miles cycled over 24 hours, the same distance as it is from Derby to Switzerland!

Collectively all the cyclists in the HUUB Challenge cycled an amazing 67,830 laps which is 16,957.5 kilometres, that’s the equivalent of cycling from Derby to Sydney, Australia and together they raised more than £17,000 for charity, with more still coming in.

Simon Harris (MD LLR Urgent Care) said: “The team of 6 did an amazing job and everyone went above and beyond and cycled for 24hrs as a team raising important funding for the Mental Health charity MQ.  The standard of all the cyclists this year was far higher than last year so we had to work even harder!  I am really proud of the team and their collective efforts.”

Taking 20-minute turns, the team had to battle exhaustion on two fronts as they persevered to stay awake throughout the 24-hour event to cross the finish line.

The DHU team included six riders from all parts of the company including Rob Corke (Driver), Simon Harris (MD LLR Urgent Care), David Pigott (HR Compliance & Employee Relations Officer), Philip James (NHS 111 Call Advisor), Roger Francis Nicholls (NHS 111 Nurse Advisor) and team organiser Ryan Fellows (Patient Administrator).

David Pigott (HR Compliance & Employee Relations Officer) said afterwards: “Mission accomplished. Team DHU survived the 24-hour track cycling challenge at Derby Velodrome. We put ourselves through all this pain to raise money for a very good cause – MQ Mental Health, the mental health research charity.”

All funds raised by the DHU Health Care team will go towards MQ Mental Health. MQ Mental Health is a UK based charity who aim to create a world where mental illness is understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented. They are championing and funding research into mental health that will change millions of lives.

You can still support the team by visiting their Just Giving page here.