DHU Nurse Teams Up With Christian Aid To Help Others In Crisis Across The World

Janet Dove, an Advance Nurse Practitioner for DHU Health Care, has been inspired by the vaccination programme to help others around the world.

Teaming up with her local Christian Aid Group, Janet wanted to give people an opportunity to give thanks for their Covid-19 vaccine and help others in crisis across the world.

Funds from the appeal are helping vulnerable communities around the world access soap, water, food and vital health information in the face of the pandemic. Many communities around the world face an uncertain wait for a vaccine as questions remain around the cost and timing of a global vaccine programme.

Christian Aid partners have so far directly helped over half a million people in 27 countries including distributing food packages to nearly 60,000 people struggling to feed their families after losing work during lockdown and the economic downturn.

Going forwards, Christian Aid will support vaccination programmes in communities by providing data on hard-to-reach populations to local health services and by working with trusted community figures to challenge misleading information about the virus and vaccination as well as any stigma faced by those who contract Covid-19.

Janet said:  “I am an Advance Nurse Practitioner working for DHU Healthcare Urgent Care which have been assisting in the giving of vaccines in Dronfield and Chesterfield Primary Care Network area and many other areas in Derbyshire also. We have primarily been giving vaccines in care homes and to the housebound but also worked at the vaccination centres across Derbyshire.

“It has been hard work but immensely rewarding being part of this huge effort. Administering vaccines has brought hope to many who have been despondent and lonely and living in fear of dying from this dreadful virus. It has been a privilege to take part. It’s like delivering hope in a syringe!

“Many of us have felt a degree of hopelessness over the past year as loved ones have been affected, our everyday lives curtailed, and we have all missed seeing friends and families. However, most of us have been able to follow advice to use soap and wash our hands, wear masks to protect ourselves and others, and had access to hand sanitiser. Furlough has protected some incomes to a degree. Imagine if these simple tools were not available or if they were, they were too expensive to obtain.

“This is the reality in many third world countries. Because jobs and livelihoods have been lost, many of our global neighbours lack the basics they need to protect themselves – like clean water and soap for handwashing.   They are feeling hopeless as the roll out of vaccines, even when the supply is available, will be hampered by lack of infrastructure. They don’t have the amazing NHS to support them.

“I am a member of our Local Christian Aid Group which has been supported by Dronfield citizens for many years. Due to restrictions, we have not been able to do out usual fundraising activities but there is a campaign which all in Dronfield can support – Give Thanks for Our Vaccines.

“Christian Aid works with partners locally in areas of need. They support everyone, of all faiths and no faith. They are very effective. Christian Aid is already on the ground, helping keep people safe from coronavirus with practical support – but with your gift of thanks they can do more.”

Nationwide, the Give Thanks for Our Vaccines has so far raised over £120000.

You can find out more about the campaign here.

Pictured: Nursing teams from Dronfield Primary Care Network, ready for action (Janet Dove front centre, holding the vaccine cool bag)