DHU Health Care Celebrates Nine Years Of Social Enterprise Mark

DHU Health Care is delighted to have held the Social Enterprise Mark accreditation for nine years.

As a not-for-profit community interest company (CIC) DHU Health Care is proud to join hundreds of groups across all sectors of business who hold the Social Enterprise Mark.

As a holder of the Social Enterprise Mark DHU Health Care is part of a diverse international network of accredited social enterprises, which have been assessed as meeting a robust and credible standard for social enterprise, as upheld by an independent Certification Panel.

The dedicated staff at DHU Health Care work with a number of charities and partners every year, often outside of their normal working hours, to improve the communities in which the company serves.

DHU Health Care CEO Stephen Bateman said: “DHU is accredited as a genuine social enterprise – the Social Enterprise Mark is an independent guarantee that we put the interests of the communities in which we serve above shareholder gain. We have been externally assessed against sector-agreed criteria and have proved our commitment to using profits and income to create benefits for society and the environment.”

Social enterprises are trading businesses that reinvest income and profits to address social and environmental issues, above that of shareholder profit motivations. Through social enterprise, businesses like ours can operate with a positive impact on the world we live in.

You can find out more about the Social Enterprise Mark by visiting here.