DHU Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week

From the 3rd to 7th of February 2020 DHU Health Care will be joining organisations across the nation to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week.

The 13th annual National Apprenticeship Week date is an annual week-long celebration of apprenticeships across England and is a time to recognise and applaud apprenticeship success stories across the country.

The week-long celebration also focuses on bringing the whole apprenticeship community together to celebrate the impact the apprenticeship scheme has on individuals, the economy and employers.

Learning Unlimited has been working with DHU for 2 years to help them develop apprenticeship programmes which train staff and provide effective ways for people to develop their careers.

Wendy Taylor, Business Development Consultant from Learning Unlimited said:

“It is wonderful to work with an organisation who is clearly investing in apprenticeships. DHU are committed to giving apprentices the support they need to help them develop and progress their future career paths”

“It is wonderful to see the apprentices make good progress and are given lots of opportunities to learn essential skills. Apprentices are supported on the academic side of the training by our Work Based Learning tutors and their mentors in the work place. I am excited to see how DHU develop apprenticeship programmes in the future for new and existing staff development.”

Apprenticeships are designed by employers and equip apprentices with the relevant knowledge and skills to prepare them for a successful career in their chosen area of work. They also gain valuable work experience and learn transferable skills that set them up for the future. With the option to study qualifications from Level 2 through to degree level, they have widely become a great alternative to university.

The variety of apprenticeships that are now available means that employers can not only recruit, train and shape new employees at intermediate level but also develop skills of existing employees. Higher apprenticeships can be used to help upskill current employees.

Lisa Wallis, Director of Human Resources & Organisational Design at DHU Health Care. said:

“DHU is proud to support the Apprenticeships Scheme and we value the contribution our apprentices make within DHU. It’s great to see our new colleagues flourish and thrive within the workplace, growing in confidence as well as gaining new skills and experiences. Our apprentice programme within DHU has been very successful and the learning that DHU has taken from the Apprentices’ has helped shape Organisational policy and procedure.”

Meet some of DHU’s current apprentices below and read about their experiences working for DHU Health Care.

Cerys Addis, NHS 111 HR

Currently studying: Level 4 Business Administration

“From a young age I knew I didn’t want to take the conventional route of going to university after completing my A levels. When everyone around me started looking in to universities, I however, started looking in to apprenticeships as an option. The opportunity to gain an accredited NVQ in Business Administration, along with working full time in a role that allows my professional development was a no brainer (and no debt!).

During my time in the 111 HR department, the experience and knowledge I have gained has been invaluable. I have been able to apply the theoretical knowledge I have learnt from completing my units to my role. I have learnt an incredible amount about myself and have developed key skills, such as: communication, time management and self-esteem.”

Annabelle Martin, Junior PA

Currently studying: Level 4 Business Administration

“When I was coming to the end of my A-Level studies I quickly realised that I didn’t like the idea of going to university. To me, it seemed a lot of money to study a subject I wasn’t even sure I liked or would ultimately help me to get a good job in the future.

I was delighted to find this apprenticeship at DHU Health Care. I started in November 2017 and have really valued the experience of learning, working, earning money and being supported by wonderful colleagues. I would recommend apprenticeships to anyone wishing to learn, earn and gain invaluable experience all rolled into one!”

Ebony Reeve, Patient Experience Admin

Currently studying: Level 3 Business Administration

“I have recently started my apprenticeship at DHU through learning unlimited. When I left college I had no idea what I wanted to do next! I wasn’t sure if University was for me so I decided to start looking for apprenticeships. I applied for a job via the GOV Website and found a Business Administration Apprenticeship.

I had an interview with Learning Unlimited and they helped me find an apprenticeship that was right for me. I had left sixth form with a-levels in health and social so learning unlimited thought it would be perfect if my admin role could fit in to healthcare. I started at DHU in September and have loved it since I started! Learning unlimited made sure I settled in properly and if I had any problems I know I could go to them. It’s nice having full time work and knowing that the college will be there if ever needed.”