Call Centre Team Gets Totally Tropical

The weather may have taken a turn for the worse, in classic British style, but rain clouds were not enough to stop our call centre going on a tropical trip.

Over the weekend (Saturday 27th – 28th June) the fun filled holiday theme, organised by Karen Byfleet (Senior Health Advisor/CC Coach) was put on to lift the spirits of colleagues who have not been able to get away during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Through the day and night our call centres held fun activities, set up photo booths and raised money for charity. Colleagues were encouraged to wear their best holiday outfits, so it was shorts, t-shirts, sun dresses and sun hats (the brighter the better) all the way. Over the weekend staff also decorated the call centre with bunting, pictures of far-away idyllic beaches and exotic garlands.

The teams raised a total of £251.75 throughout the event which will be going to Child Autism, a charity close to the hearts of employees who have friends and family members living with autism.

Karen said: “I, along with some other colleagues, wanted to organise a fun filled holiday theme for everyone to enjoy. We wanted to bring the sun, sea and sangria (non-alcoholic of course) for everyone in our call centres to enjoy.”

“People really embraced the idea in our call centres and as you can see from the photos they really managed to relax and explore some tropical locations.”

We’d like to thank ‘The Green Rooms’ for donating to our Leicester office.