Alcohol Awareness Week: Alcohol and Mental Health

This week (16-22 November 2020) is Alcohol Awareness Week 2020 and this year by all accounts has been as tough for many as any other!

DHU Health Care are focusing on ‘Alcohol and Mental Health’ to raise awareness of the impact it can have on our mental health and wellbeing as well as the often noticeable physical health.

The impact of drinking alcohol can vary across a number of health conditions and more often than not in times of stress, our reliance on alcohol to ‘take the edge’ off of a situation can become all too familiar. In the current pandemic, looking after our Mental Health is important to working through this period of time in the best way possible. Not for one minute does this invalidate any feeling you may experience, but turning to alcohol is not the action to take.

If you have noticed that you have increased your intake of alcohol now or in the past, there are means to identify how many units of alcohol you may be drinking. Take a look at the following chart or better still answer the following quiz to determine your levels of intake:

Reducing your intake of alcohol doesn’t need to be challenging. By forming a support network around you and interacting with others that might find themselves sharing the same lived experience as you, enables a form of accountability, a means to moving forwards to become a healthier you!

The NHS ‘Drink Free Days’ app allows you to be in control of how much you are drinking, set reminders and offers support and practical advice to change your drinking habits for good.

As well as the app the NHS offer some inspiring tips to cut down on your alcohol consumption and get healthier. You can find out more here.
By Sonia Gale – Health, Wellbeing and Diversity Coordinator DHU Health Care