Directors Executive

Stephen Bateman

Chief Executive Officer

Stephen joined DHU as Chief Operating Officer on 6th January 2014, he was promoted to Chief Executive Officer in July 2014. Stephen has had a successful career in healthcare where he has previously worked for Allied Healthcare Group and Saga Healthcare. He has a wealth of operational, finance, customer service, project management, and commercial experience in the UK and abroad. Stephen is a Chartered Accountant (CPFA) and Member of Association of Accounting Technicians (MAAT). Stephen resides in Nottingham and is married with 3 children. He is interested in football, cricket, golf, gardening, travel and DIY.

Company Director of DHU Health Care C.I.C.

Company Director of DHU 111 (East Midlands) C.I.C.

Company Director of DHU Urgent Care (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland) C.I.C.

Company Director of DHU Urgent Care (Derbyshire) C.I.C.

Company Director of DHU 4FED Urgent Care (West Leicestershire) C.I.C.

Ian Matthews

Medical Director, DHU 111 (East Midlands)

Dr Ian Matthews was appointed to the role of Medical Director for both DHU and DHU 111 (East Midlands) CIC in September 2016. Ian’s experience within the NHS 111 service is extensive, having been Regional NHS111 Clinical Lead and a member of the National NHS111 Clinical Leads Group until April 2013.

Ian was one of only 3 GPs who were part of the team assuring NHS England that robust governance arrangements were in place prior to any new NHS111 service being authorised.

More recently Ian was the Assistant Medical Director for NHS England, North Midlands and was involved in the work around practitioner performance.

Ian has been a GP working in Spondon and Chaddesden in Derby since 1990 and has been a Senior Clinician for over 15 years, including chair of the Professional Executive Committee for Derby City PCT.

Ian has links to DHU for the past 20 years since before Derbyshire Healthcare Limited’ (DHC) and ‘Derbyshire Medical Services Limited’ (DMS) merged to become DHU.

Company Director of DHU Health Care C.I.C.

Company Director of DHU 111 (East Midlands) C.I.C.

Dr Aqib Bhatti

Medical Director DHU (Urgent Care Derbyshire)

Aqib is an executive director of the DHU Health Care Board and a Clinical Director of the DHU Urgent Care (Derbyshire) C.I.C. Board. Aqib has been a GP partner at a surgery in Long Eaton since 2009. He frequently undertakes GP shifts for DHU during the out of hour’s periods allowing him an invaluable insight into the operations of DHU first hand. Aqib’s particular medical interests are cardiovascular medicine and he is a practicing aesthetic clinician. Aqib lives in Derby and is married with two children.

Company Director of DHU Health Care C.I.C.

Company Director of DHU Urgent Care (Derbyshire) C.I.C.

Pauline Hand

Managing Director for DHU 111 (East Midlands)

Pauline has worked for DHU since its inception. Prior to this, Pauline commenced employment with Derbyshire Medical Services (DMS) in August 2006, as Operations Manager and assisted with the merger between DMS and Derbyshire Health Care, which ultimately formed DHU. She was appointed to the Main Board of DHU as an Executive Director in November 2012.

Pauline has a degree in Business Management and over 20 years’ experience of working within the NHS. In the NHS Pauline has worked in a variety of roles, including Risk Management, Site Services, Outpatients and as a Senior Manager in a Community Hospital. Prior to the NHS Pauline worked in Human Resources, in private industry, for 11 years. When Pauline is not at work she enjoys travelling, eating out, walking and spending time with her family.

Company Director of DHU Health Care C.I.C.

Company Director of DHU 111 (East Midlands) C.I.C.

Jenny Doxey

Clinical Director DHU 111 (East Midlands)

Jenny has worked for DHU since its inception in 2006 and has been Deputy Clinical Director since November 2013. She is the Caldicott Guardian for DHU being responsible for protecting the confidentiality of patient and service user information and enabling appropriate information sharing. She was originally Senior Nurse Clinical Assessment managing the nurse advisors and the clinical assessment systems within the service, in particular developing the NHS 111 service. She then moved to Senior Nurse Clinical Development working on further development and integration within the wider health service before becoming a Director on the board.

Prior to DHU, she was the Operations Manager at Derbyshire Healthcare Ltd. (one of the two original founder organisations of DHU) in the North managing the out of hour’s service and working as a Nurse Practitioner. Prior to this she was a Team leader for NHS Direct. She has been a nurse for a very long time, working in Emergency care, A/E and MIUs, and as a Resuscitation Training Officer. Her professional nurse and midwifery training was undertaken in Nottingham and Sheffield. Her hobbies are long distance endurance horse riding, walking, travel and reading.

Company Director of DHU 111 (East Midlands) C.I.C.

Paul Tilson

Managing Director, Urgent Care (Derbyshire)

Paul brings to DHU over 25 years of nursing experience working in acute trusts within the specialities of cardiology, medicine, emergency care and more recently primary care across the East Midlands. Paul has held many senior clinical and managerial positions within the NHS, locally at Queens Medical Centre, Sherwood Forest Hospitals and Chesterfield Royal Hospital, practicing as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner and Advanced Nurse Practitioner within Emergency & Primary Care.

Joining DHU as a part time Senior Nurse Practitioner in 2006 Paul also continued to work within secondary care until he was appointed as Clinical Head of Operations within DHU in 2012 working across the111 service, Out of Hours and the Community Nursing services. In 2015, following an organisational restructure within DHU Paul was promoted to Deputy Clinical Director for DHU, Primary Care & Operations and more recently his present role as Managing Director for the DHU Urgent Care (Derbyshire) Division in 2017. Paul’s role is to provide clinical and operational leadership across the county of Derbyshire for DHU including new service mobilisation and improvement initiatives across the urgent care network. 


Company Director of DHU Urgent Care (Derbyshire) C.I.C.

Jenny Tilson

Director of Nursing and Quality

Jenny brings to DHU over 30 years of nursing experience; she has worked in acute trusts within the specialities of medicine, emergency care, and education across the East midlands. Jenny has held many senior management nursing positions and practiced as an advanced Nurse Practitioner within her career. Jenny joined Derbyshire Healthcare in 2005 as a Senior Nurse Practitioner, and then within the newly formed DHU went on to become Senior Nurse Clinical Practice.

In 2008 Jenny became Head of Nursing and in 2012 Jenny was appointed to Executive Director of Nursing and Quality and member of the DHU Health Care C.I.C. board. Through her career Jenny has had a passion for leading and delivering excellence in patient care and outcomes. Jenny is an experienced coach, leading individuals and teams to achieve the best outcomes for quality patient care and the organisation. In her spare time, Jenny enjoys traveling, keeping fit, learning Spanish and spending time with her husband and their two daughters and son.

Company Director of DHU Health Care C.I.C.

Simon Harris

Managing Director, Urgent Care (Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland)

Simon manages the senior team within the LLR division along with the Clinical Director to deliver and develop the LLR Urgent Care service and strategy in line with commissioning requirements and has led the expansion to be the prominent provider of urgent care in LLR and a system wide provider.

Simon has worked in the NHS for almost 25 years working as both a commissioner and provider equally. He has a significant amount of experience in operations and has led large scale teams and multiple services. Simon left his post of Assistant Chief Commissioner Officer for NHS North Derbyshire CCG where he has worked for the previous 4 years, to join DHU.

Simon is a Registered Paramedic and carries out regular shifts working on the front line for EMAS and covering events for St John Ambulance.

A keen cyclist and footballer Simon is player manager of a local football team and has two children. Simon loves spending time in the garden and is also an enthusiastic baker! In between his Paramedic degree and the MSc he did at Nottingham University Simon did an NVQ in cooking!

Company Director of DHU Urgent Care (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland) C.I.C.

Company Director of DHU 4FED Urgent Care (West Leicestershire) C.I.C.

Dr Saurabh Johri

Clinical Director DHU, Urgent Care (Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland)

In 2016 Dr Saurabh Johri joined the DHU as the Clinical Director responsible for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) Out of Hours Service. He has a base in our Fosse Park Offices, Leicester.

Saurabh has a wealth of experience within healthcare having worked as the Clinical Lead for the Out of Hours Service and the NHS 111 Service on behalf of the Commissioners in LLR, Board Member of West Leicestershire CCG, Non-executive Director of CNCS and Chair of North West Leicestershire Primary Based Commissioning Group. Saurabh continues to work as a GP in his surgery in Ibstock.

Saurabh has a First Class Honours Degree and qualified for his MBChB at Leicester Medical School.

Company Director of DHU Urgent Care (Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland) C.I.C.

Company Director of DHU 4FED Urgent Care (West Leicestershire) C.I.C.

Lisa Wallis

Director of Human Resource & Organisation Development

Lisa is a HR Professional specialising in change management, employee engagement & well-being along with Organisational Development and communications.  With over 25 years’ experience Lisa previously worked as HR Director for a National Construction business as well as undertaking similar Executive Roles within the Adult Social Care, Financial Services and Manufacturing sectors. 

Lisa’s previous roles have included significant development of the workforce by embedding positive inclusive culture change whilst focussing on employee engagement, collaboration, employee growth, communication and support.  Lisa and her team successfully won the East Midlands “Success through People Award in 2011” whilst working in Adult Social Care.  Lisa qualified as a HR Professional with a Strategic HR Degree in 2009 from Manchester College, and is a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, as well as being a graduate Health & Safety Practitioner. 

Lisa is married with two children and in her spare time she likes to take part in Triathlons and half Ironman’s, raising funds for charitable organisations, as well as keeping fit!

No company directorships held within the DHU Group.