A Helping Hand From DHU 111

The DHU 111 service is coming to the aid of NHS colleagues in the capital as Covid-19 continues to put pressure on services.

The well-respected service has been asked to provide temporary support to NHS 111 services in North East and South areas of London.

Due to the pandemic, London Ambulance Service, who provide the 111 service there, are experiencing high levels of absence, currently reaching 40%. A proportion of London NHS 111 calls will therefore be diverted to DHU 111.

The calls went live on 21st January, and DHU are expecting to take approximately 500 calls per day for them. Mobilising a new service usually take months. The LAS request for help was turned round within eight days, through the hard work of IT, analytics, governance, operations, clinical and quality teams within DHU.

Pauline Hand, Managing Director DHU111 East Midlands said, ‘’DHU111 are immensely honoured to have been asked to support LAS and proud to be able to offer care and support to colleagues and patients in other areas.’’